There are various home improvement tasks that can be accomplished around the house, but one of the most satisfying is adding hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are attractive, add value to a property, and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. More importantly, completing the hardwood floor installation on your own gives you a sense of accomplishment that will be remembered and enjoyed for a long time. Choose the reputed brand while buying the flooring suppliers Melbourne for any project.

Hardwood has always been known for its aesthetic and versatile appearance. Solid wood is, in general, the most difficult hardwood floor to install. Because it cannot be exposed to dampness, this type of flooring can only be installed on above-grade installations. It can be set up on a concrete slab or a normal elevated plywood surface. Clean, dry, and stable conditions are required. Because the flooring will respond to temperature variations, it’s critical to allow the planks to air out.

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Benefits Of The Hardwood Floor Installation

1) Durable

Some people have the habit of upgrading their flooring and carpets every five years or so because they retain stains and mould. It should be highlighted that installing wooden floors is more than effective due to their longevity and toughness.

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2) Multiple colours

You no longer have to agree to a specific colour or tint when installing laminate flooring. It’s because each hardwood floor has its own unique natural pattern, and no two hardwood floors are the same. This is a sort of flooring that is extremely robust and durable. Even if you are dropping or putting something rather heavy on the floor, you do not have to be concerned about it becoming damaged.

3) Versatile

It is quite adaptable and may be used with a wide range of designs and styles. A homeowner has the legal right to purchase more expensive-looking hardwoods like walnut, cherry, or oak.

4) Reliable

If the wood floor is scraped or damaged after a few years due to heavy wear and tear, it is time to replace it. A simple sanding and sealing will return it to its previous position. This is far less expensive than carpet installation.

5) Easy to clean

Carpets are more difficult to clean than hardwood flooring. The reason for this is that a simple brush or light vacuum maintains the oak floor looking fantastic. It is common knowledge that households with dogs and children frequently scratch each other, shortening their lives. As a result, Laminate floor installation is ideal for mopping since it easily removes filth.

6) Hygienic approach

Carpets are less hygienic than wood flooring. Dust allergens and other bacteria will never be able to attach themselves to wood flooring. All germs and bacteria are killed by a wooden floor. To be honest, it saves a lot of money and allows you to be in a comfortable environment.


Hope you found the above information useful and helpful for your domestic projects. There are limitless options when it comes to choosing the right timber floor suppliers Melbourne, if you are confused about which flooring to use for your home project, always take expert advice rather than experimenting with your own choice.