The world is marching towards an era of automation by implementing every minute aspect of our homes. It has totally changed the perspective of what technology is capable of today. Smart Home Melbourne is the new normal. It covered a wide range of aspects, including appliances that we have in our home. You now can access your home from not being physically present.

Well, for some Home Automation Melbourne seems to be one of the modern-day business opportunities to make money, while for the rest, it is comfort, accessibility, energy-saving, and so much more.

Here is what Home Lighting Automation has to offer.

·Energy Efficiency

One of the most important factors to consider if you are placing a switch to Home Lighting Automation is energy efficiency. Well, smart light is known for saving a considerable amount of energy especially LED lights with thermostats. With the smart light, you can even control the amount of light that you need, from full brightness to dim light. The latter one further saves more energy.

·Variety of Colours

Get the light as per the moods; yes, that is what light automation offers. You do not have to have different builds to replace every time you need a certain colour of light in the home. It is practically impossible to store and manage that number of bulbs anyway. With smart light, this is changed to having access to a variety of colours without having to have separate bulbs for separate colours.

Smart Home Solution


Homes are stylish and aesthetically pleasing anyway; what if this would be enhanced even more? Yes, with smart lights, it can be. You can focus on various splendid features of the home by strategically placing the lights in the home.

·Enhanced Lifespan

Durability comes in guaranteed with the smart light given the enhanced technology of the lights. You do not have to replace the lights every now, unlike old times. The LED lights enable you to have 35,000 to 50,000 hours which is way more than the 750 and 2,000-hours lifespan of the incandescent bulb.

·Save Money

The above aspects might let you feel that all of this could only be possible only if it were not the high cost. But this is not true. You would, in fact, be surprised to find the prices of these smart lights. As the energy is saved, the energy utility bills are considerably reduced, saving you money. Further, the prices of these lights are also low, providing you double the benefit.

·Motion Sensor

Leaving the lights on even if you do not need it has affected the energy consumption and lifespan of the lights to a great extent. The motion sensors would take care of it by switching off the light by not sensing the motion in the room for a predefined time.

·Remote Control

With Home Lighting Automation, you are the boss around, and the light serves each of your commands, without you having to move anywhere to switch on, switch off, change the intensity of the light or colour. Your smartphone would be your magic stick to command the lights in your home.