The Retrofit Wall Insulation of the cavity is an effective measure of home improvement to improve comfort. When adjusting comfort and internal temperature, the insulation process provides significant savings in heating and cooling costs. Your decision to attach this isolation to your home used after considering:

  •  Insulating material when selected, do compatibility check before wall Insulation Christchurch. It is required to evaluate the capacity. Measure the width of the wall to confirm that the fence is less than 50 mm and is suitable for isolation. Also, everything will be deleted if the power cable covered by PVC must be removed before starting the insulation process. These problems avoid risks and must resolve these problems to ensure that isolation works well, so the inspection should focus on identifying defects. 
  •  The work of the cavity Retrofit Wall Insulation is about half by the insulating material injected into the insulating material for the method of density and penetration that penetrates the wall. This process is that although the installation process is in the process, residents do not have to leave the house.  

retrofit wall insulation

  •  Energy resources, the Government and regional energy suppliers that rapidly increase energy resources. Government and regional energy suppliers have begun to propose an insulation home for costs or cost-free. Therefore, the standard thermal insulation of the cavity wall reaches an image to support low-income households with the following advantages and reduce the size of the building, depending on the size of the buildings. Therefore, you can prevent yourself from suppressing your dissemination power tickets. 

You can assume the contribution of your environment by reducing the traces of property ownership. Improve your home‘s energy efficiency and improve your property sale. 

You can assume the contribution of your environment by reducing the traces of property ownership. Improve your home’s energy efficiency and improve your property sale. 

The glass mineral fiber cavity wall insulation material is fed into a specially designed blow moulding machine and injected into the cavity through a hose equipped with a cone nozzle under high pressure.

 A typical Retrofit Wall Insulation process pierces small openings in the mortar in the joints of the outer layer at 1-meter spacing intervals. These holes are filled with insulating materials from the cavity wall. Insulating materials generally bubble in perforations using special insulation devices. 

 Subsequently, these holes are filled so that the signs of this work do not go to the wall. When installed by a registered Insulation Christchurch contractor, it will be a guarantee for normally 25 years of CIGA (cavity insulation guarantee) without updating and maintenance in the coming years. Therefore reducing the loading of the refrigeration or heating system, with a long solution and cost savings will benefit from an installation. Although hollow wall insulation can be applied to panels or blocks with excellent door and window sealing, none is as convenient and time-saving as blown insulation.