Where ever you live you need to use for air conditioning system at your home and office. For the installation of air conditioning Essendon, where our team has a required license for the installation and maintenance and repair of the cooling and heating as per the customer need.

What capacity of tempter required for perfect room size?

For selection any kind of AC, before that need to know the size of the room where you want to be the use of air conditioning installation Essendon is done quickly.

Some points that describe the capacity of tempter for the room.

  1. Size below 80 square feet area, 75 ton AC.
  2. Size up to 120 square feet area, 1 ton AC.
  3. Size up to 190 square feet area, 1.5 ton AC.
  4. Size above 190 square feet area, 2 ton AC.

Types of coils used in AC.

  1. Copper
  2. Aluminum

    Air Conditioning Installation Tarneit

What type of coils good to use for keeping long lasting AC?

For long lasting AC, you should use AC with copper coils. Copper coils based AC are expensive but it provides perfect cooling and comes with low maintenance with the long lasting life of AC.

Whereas aluminum coil is hard to use for repairing they usually need to replace with new aluminum coil while with copper coils can be repaired it does not need to replace. So we suggest using the copper coil for AC for the perfect result if its suit to your budget.

Benefits for the split system in air conditioning

  • Easy installation: it’s easy for installation with no time period, and just need the small hole on the wall for connection and copper tubing.
  • Quiet operation: the working process of it is so quiet so it can be sued for libraries, classroom, and bedroom and silent rooms. It can also easily fix on the window without disturbing any space
  • Cost-effectiveness: you can save the energy as it runs small motor are used for the individual place at different time. It suitable for rooms where they need to be cool for a certain time of period.
  • Attractive designed: the outlook of it is so attractive that everyone like to look for it. The size is small which can be fixed in the area of the window so no need to use any external space for it.

Split System installation at Moonee Ponds with single room reverse cycle split system which could provide heating and cooling, which allow for individual room control without affecting any other place. This system is less expensive than any other installation system at any place.

The split system is divided into two parts that are inside with head and outside with compressor. Where inside with head manage which mounted inside the room and from where the air goes inside. And outside with compressor used for managing refrigerator gas which helps to heat and cool it required in it.

Air Conditioning InstallationThe constant air flow from an air conditioning system, whereas the split system sucks in dust and dirt other particles. It needs maintainers and if not done then it may cause the health problem.


The working technicians of air conditioning Essendon which are target regularly trained with proper understanding with new cooling system and maintenance system. Split System installation at Moonee Ponds offers superiors performances, which is energy effective and comfort in the best way of stylish conforming structure.

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