The pool is one of the luxurious and rich assets of the house. It is the reason we can beat the heat during the summers. It provides more outdoor functionality of the home. Having a pool makes it easy for the children to enjoy the summers. With pool comes the responsibility of Pool Cleaning Adelaide too.

We all have heard of the PH balance of the swimming pools. The water of the pool needs to have a perfect PH. Pool Repairs Adelaide professionals also check the PH of the water. There are many impacts that it has on the equipment, pool and us.

What exactly is PH?

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The full form stands as the potential of hydrogen. In general, people know it as something related to the acidity and baseness of the water. It can be measured easily on a scale of 0 to 14. Where count 7 indicates neutrality of the water. The decreasing count from the 7 indicates increasing acidity. While on increasing count form 7 indicated increasing baseness of the water.

Why does the PH of the swimming pool need to be maintained?

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  • Impacts Our Skin

One of the most adverse effects of unbalanced PH is irritation in the skin, eyes, and nasal passage. It happens when the PH of the pool water becomes low – the increased acidity of the water causes irritation, dryness and itching for some time. This is a great indication that you need to address the PH of the pool. 

  • Makes The Chlorine Infective

There is high importance of active chlorine in the pool water. It functions as a disinfectant in the pool that kills the bacteria and virus in the pool water. When the PH of the pool water becomes high, the water becomes basic. Basic water tends to make chlorine ineffective. This leaves the pool susceptible to bacteria and viruses that can make you sick.

  • Corrosion Becomes Inevitable

There are a lot of mechanical parts involved like motors, ladders and more in the swimming pool. They are to be kept away from corroding to eliminate the cost of getting them replaced. Low PH, acidic water tends to induce corrosion in the pool and affect the various parts of the pool. The corrosion can also leave stains on the pool surface making it look ugly.

  • Affects The Pool Lining

The increased PH of the water can cause the liner to age rapidly than they normally do. The faster they age the more frequently you have to change them to keep the liner effective and looking good. 

Bottom line

When getting the Pool Repairs Adelaide to make sure that the reason behind the need for repair is not Ph as it would induce the same issue again which would be a waste of money. Just balancing the PH of pool water would keep you away from so many diseases, skin irritation and more. Why take such a risk? If you haven’t taken PH into account then do it before using the pool next time.