Whenever we build our dream house or renovate existing home then for the decking, we go with the timber or hardwood whether it is timber decking or Merbau Decking Melbourne. Behind our decision, one motive works that are extreme durability and elegance, which is provided by the hardwood.

We heard so many other timbers decking options, but do you know anything about the Merbau decking? If you want to know then here, we provide you ample guide about the Merbau decking which improves your knowledge definitely.

  • What is Merbau Decking?

Merbau decking is the most suitable option for every type of decking, whether it is residential or commercial property. Choosing Merbau hardwood comes in the range of rich colour so that you can use as per your home needs. This decking provides you strength and density as compared to other timber options due to Merbau specification.

  • How does Merbau decking look?

We add Merbau decking at our home for dignity and rick look, right? And Merbau decking not disappointed you because it has a range of most beautiful colours. Essentially, it is one of the hardest and most tough timber classes accessible. Merbau decking is far for from the termite’s inspection because termite not loves the Merbau wood.

Merbau decking has interlocked or wavy grains and have a suitable design range so that you can choose it as per your house needs.

Why should you prefer Merbau decking for outdoor space?

  • Durability

Merbau timber is known for its unpredictable durability. This durability comes from the natural oil which a tree provides. This oil also gives strength to handle bad temperature and various climate change in extreme condition. If you maintain the Merbau decking, then you get benefits till the 20 years approximately.

  • Less Maintenance Require

In the Merbau decking, you require less maintenance. You only maintain it in extreme conditions where the chances of exposure are higher. When you take professional help in one or two years, then it is sufficient for this type of decking.

  • Prevent the Splitting

As we discuss above, Merbau timber has oil partition in their wood, so it is very efficient for every type of outdoor furniture. This natural oil is giving protection against the splitting and cracking so that you can use it as wear and tear. This functionality also improves the durability and usability of Merbau in outdoor uses.

  • Fire Resistance

Merbau decking is suitable for the heavy fire area chances. The Merbau does not attract the fire fluently so that it is suitable for the decking where fire chances are higher.

What are the drawbacks points of Merbau decking?

  • Oily & Messy

The feature of Merbau decking been its disadvantage when rain season comes. In the rainy season, you have to face a messy situation when it is wet, and its colour is disclosed.

  • Price

Merbau decking has a higher cost, just like another type of timber’s have. Yes, it lives a long life and gives you benefits for the longest time, but if you can’t afford it, then it is worth it. So, before taking any decision, you should be aware of the price of Merbau decking.

Ending the story of Merbau Decking Melbourne!

This is the basic information about the Merbau decking which you should as a customer. If you love the information or have some suggestions, then give your review in the comment section.