One of the first thing a visitor that come and notice is your flooring of the home. So it needs to be crucial that catchy and luxurious feature. It’s the right time to give a dramatic transformation best look to your flooring. Epoxy floor coating is the latest best option for both residential and commercial area flooring, as a good investment of money and time.

Epoxy floor coating is now a time most convenient and best option for long lasting beautiful flooring. Just to deal with epoxy coating wherein two components are combined to get finish the flooring and the other is polyamine hardener, this both should be mixed up well together and it needs to apply on to the floor. It needs to keep as it is for the period of time on the floor let it get dry, then it comes up with the highly durable surface for best look pit of the floor.

Epoxy flooring coating system includes:

  • The self-leveling epoxy flooring system
  • Heavy duty self-leveling
  • Antistatic epoxy flooring
  • Granite finish epoxy colour grid
  • Epoxy topping with cementations underlayepoxy-floor-coating-az

Advantages of epoxy floor coating:

  • Easy to clean and maintain floors
  • Pleasant colours are available.
  • Excellent resistance to microbial growth
  • Impermeable to water, oils, coolants, and chemical
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete
  • Durable, resistant to abrasion and vehicular movement

Epoxy floor Adelaide is for applications ranging for heavy-duty flooring to medium or with light duty application for different industries. We can have the epoxy floor in different areas like star hotels, ammunition factories, dairy industry, textile and rocker mills, electrical industry, parking areas, showrooms and workshops, hospitals, pharmacy and food industries, automobile industries and engineering industries.

For installing epoxy floor coating can be having cost saving and fulfilling designed for best look for the flooring. A garage or exercise area might no need to be the show off room but still installing attractive floor coating that can help to make perfect lookout and save money on costly repeating for having unsightly cracks and blemishes.

Epoxy Floor Coating

A need of epoxy floor Adelaide has been tested for suitability the grinder comes into play for flooring. All furniture needs to clear out from the area where epoxy has to be work on and then clean up stains that can bring the best result for flooring. This can bring smooth out the floor and make the process as important for the old layer to paint and epoxy other sealants still present on the floor.

We come with specialising for polished concrete flooring for both residential and commercial. We use the best quality of diamonds, polishing pads, grouts, harders, and sealers that are easily available on market.

Epoxy floor Adelaide benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Waterproof
  • Food-safe coating
  • Come with the array of colours and new textures
  • Hardwearing
  • Non-slip rating
  • OHS specific
  • Wet pending testing
  • Hygienic


Epoxy floor Adelaide are laid to the highest standard which suits for customer requirements. Epoxy floor coating comes with different ranges of styles like non-slip coatings, wooden floor coatings, crack repair and covings, concrete grinding, render and texture coating, commercial flooring, and metallic epoxy floors.

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