Steel Screw Piles which is also called helical piles; helical anchors help in securing the new foundations on the ground. They may even be used for strengthening and stabilising the current foundations.

A foundation basically spreads evenly the weight of the structure which sits onto it. Many a times the foundation also needs some kind of support. This is mainly because of the poor conditions of the soil and issues with moisture that cause un-even settlement, bowing as well as cracking.

These piles help in giving the foundation an additional stability as well as strength. They are mainly attracted to foundation at one end and then anchored on the ground on other. The depth which they’re driven into ground depends typically on extent of load.

Where is Steel Screw Piles Installed?

You must be thinking where exactly are these Steel Screw Piles installed. The Steel Screw Piles are installed usually around the foundation of the house. First, the brackets are tightly attached to foundation, then; piers are screwed in the soil and then attached to the brackets. The site disturbance is generally minimal. In fact, when a house is retrofitted with the piers, in most of the cases, it may still be occupied while the construction work is accomplished.

These piles have been into usage for construction since past 200 years now. It started with the foundations of the lighthouse and then they started being used as piers.

The helical piles of today look just like huge screws made up of galvanised and epoxy coated steel. They comprise of a centre shaft with spiral shape plates. They plates are referred to as flights or blades and they are welded to the central shaft of the foundation.

Benefits of Steel Screw Piles

There are a number of benefits of using helical piles for supporting the foundation of the house. By using the right tools and equipment, they may be easily installed. Sometimes it takes just a couple of minutes to locate the right position. They may even be loaded when they are installed. The capacity load may also increase with time. The helical piles may be used in different soils which include loose sand, dense sand, hard clay and soft clay.

The stability of a house depends on a strong foundation. The helical piles are just one way of increasing the support of the foundation. The other types of foundations repairing methods include the concrete pilings and piers, sealants, masonry patches, bracing, etc.

If you are aware of the fact that the foundation of your house is damaged, you should immediately contact the contractor for finding out ways of repairing it. Steel Screw Piles are used mainly at the time of laying the foundation.


In case you suspect that the foundation of your house is damaged; you should immediately contact the contractor and get it repaired. Steel Screw Piles have been used in the construction industry since ages now.

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