Whenever we want to give a fresh and new look at our house, very first thought that comes in our mind is to paint the houses with the help of professionals. Beautiful Painting Melbourne can improve the elegance of the home and also its resale values.

Exterior painting and Interior Painting are a vital part of giving elegance in the house. You can also take help from the reputed company who have wide experience in the painting job. One of the most important parts in the painting work is the selection of choosing a colour scheme for your different rooms, living area, kitchen and even though bathrooms and garage.

If you check in the market, you get so many colour scheme options which are suitable for your taste and home’s architecture. Confused? Need help? Then read this guide because it provides you with useful information about the different type of colour schemes.

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  • Complementary Colour Scheme

The best way to paint your home is to choose a complementary colour scheme. Do you what is the complementary colour scheme? The simple answer is the opposite colour which you see in the colour wheel. You can also select one primary colour, and the other one is a dominant colour; this combination is also known as the complementary scheme. But, be careful while choosing the colour wheel, you have to only check the standard wheel for the selection. You can also talk help from the professional painters.

  • Analog Colour Scheme

Whenever you want to give shade painting work, whether it is for a living room or bedroom, you can go with the Analog colour scheme. In this type of colour scheme, you have to choose those two colours who position in the colour wheel on the adjacent side. It is best for nature and pleasing design because it requires the perfect shades of the original colour. Don’t just select two adjacent colours in the Analog colour scheme, choose then which is best for you and give sufficient contrast.

  • Triadic Colour Scheme

In this type of scheme, the colour of need is increasing. You have to choose 3 colours which are present in the colour wheels with equal distance. While Painting Melbourne job if you choose this colour then you have to be careful in the painting and keep bright the wall. You can also choose one dominant and two primary or one primary and two dominant colours in the schemes.

  • Split Complementary Scheme

This type of colour scheme is similar to a simple complementary scheme, although there is some difference available. In this scheme, you have to choose one base colour, and in a complementary colour, you need to choose the contrary colours, which is available on the colour wheel. In the visualisation, you can see the difference between the split complementary scheme and complementary scheme.

  • Chilli Pepper Scheme

For the kitchen, this type of scheme is the best option. In this type of scheme, you have to choose a traditional or primary colour scheme which gives you elegance and style to the kitchen. In this, you can also choose the natural wood shade or water shade to achieve great and measurable finishing.

Ready for Painting!!!!

This is the basic information about the colour scheme which is available in the market. Hopefully, this helps you to choose the right colour combination for your next Painting Melbourne job.