Do you want to get the screw pile design for your construction site? Then, you need to find the best Screw Pile Design Company that is designing these piles by taking the requirements into consideration. These people will design the durable, sturdy, and lightweight pile that is suitable for you to construct pools, bridges and walkways and construction in the restricted areas easily.

Benefits of screw piles that are made of steel and designed by Screw Pile Design Company include

  • It has a high load bearing capacity. Ideally, the capacity relies on the installation torque. When you are laying a bore in concrete piers, this will not cause any kind of vibration or disturb the soil around
  • Bore holes that are laid in concrete get damaged due to dry sand or upper water table. However, these can be replaced with screw pliers
  • Easy to carry out the load test without any hassle
  • Used to build bridges, lay building foundations, erecting electricity poles, laying pipelines, and to build boardwalks

Characteristics of Screw pile foundation include

  • Speed: Easy and quick to install the piles even when the soil is loose to lay a strong foundation
  • Use lightweight machinery: You do not need to use heavy machinery to install these screw piles instead you can get a portable or handy machinery to install them in a few hours at the construction site
  • Install the piles of different sizes: The piles are designed to be installed in different construction sites and as per the soil type at each site.
  • Cost-effective to set-up: You need to spend a few bucks to set up these piles overlaying a deep bore
  • Eco-friendly: You do not need to lose or remove the soil from the site. There is no severe noise being produced by hammering the piles into the soil. More importantly, there is less vibration which does not cause any harm to the existing structure and disturb the sensitive facilities around.

Factors to consider while designing a screw pile

While designing a screw pile, the key requirement that is taken by the Screw Pile Design Company is the load bearing capacity of the pile. Also, these people will go through the soil report where you are planning to hammer this pile into. After reading the report, they will calculate the load bearing capacity of the soil to decide how deep the pliers can be installed. It is also crucial to know the soil resistivity to work mainly on the corrosion part to ensure that the steel pipe remains corrosive free despite of installing it in such soil that is mixed with chlorides. The soil report, including the pile design is analysed meticulously to ensure that it is as per the safety standards and the pile design can withstand the structural capacity.


If you want to construct a building foundation, then you need to use a screw pile that is customised to install in that specific soil type. However, for that, you need to hire a Screw Pile Design company to design the pile that is well-suited to handle the load in the construction site.

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