If you are planning of leveraging Home Extensions Perth services but don’t know from where to start then you are at the right place in your exploration. Although, well-designed house extensions can transform even the poorest corner of homes by maximizing the floor-plan and adding to the market value. If you consider today’s house prices, as well as tally up the costs of moving, improving what you’ve already got, can be a more appealing and affordable route to create a living space that meets all your family’s needs.

Why should you extend your home? Well, moving house costs money; where there can be agent fees, legal fees, stamp duty, and the premium for that desired extra bedroom or bigger kitchen-diner. And for the same price, you might well find that you can build a decent extension, adding both space and value to your existing home by Home Renovations Perth services. I’m here with this guide to help you maximize your property’s potential.


What should you consider before extending?

It is needful to think about your extension for an investment purpose. And as with all investments, you will obviously want to see a return. Will this renovation or extension add value to your home? Frankly, it will, but there will be a ceiling price for properties in your area and you need to be mindful of the stage where it does not make economic sense to add an extension.

There can also be practical issues to consider which aren’t concerned with the building process. Also ask to yourself, if you add to your living space, will it mean more cars will need to be parked on the driveway? If you have no drive then the shortage of parking can be a reason for the refusal of construction permission. Same way, if your house is on a terrace then do you have rear access for the unloading of building materials or if not, will you have to bring everything through the house? This all things matter whenever you think of home renovation or home extension. Other important aspects to consider before you work in the direction of home extension are:

  • The condition of the soil on site
  • Services provided
  • Trees surroundings
  • Is there any history of flooding?

Another smart move is to get to know someone who has done a similar extension or seeks references. They might have a builder or particular salesman to recommend or not recommend but either way, they will be full of useful tips on how long to allow for different tasks and many other matters.

Final thoughts!

If you’ve made up your mind for Home Extensions Perth services or Home Renovations Perth services then you should never forget considering these factors into account. Don’t forget to update about this guide. Share with your friends & colleagues. And, I would love to hear recommendations from you. If you have any suggestions, you can suggest me through the comment section. Thank you!

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