As a remodeler or builder or renovator, your choice of flooring materials must satisfy your customers, as well as the budget of your project considering: timber floor installation. If you are arranging a property as a rental investment, the floor must be adequate for significant wear. Some flooring options are easy to understand: bamboo or parquetry flooring Melbourne service for example.

The style and value of the home and to the preferences are most valuable. If you are building or preparing houses for sale, it makes sense to talk to local realtors to get an idea of what home buyers are looking for in the area. In any case, the price, quality and style of the floor must be appropriate for the interior decoration and the value of the house.

Here InvougeFlooring is throwing light on some trend about the flooring, as they are stylish as well as the durable and strong.

Timber Floor Installation

Latest trends about the flooring for the home renovation

The flooring is in demand…

  1. Bamboo or Hardwood

Hardwood is the type of pavement with the best appearance and is a favourite of buyers. Hardwood is not a proper choice for any room that frequently gets moist or sees a lot of traffic such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and mud baths. It makes sense for almost any living area and, kitchens and dining rooms. The hardwood floors designed are a material similar to plywood with a top layer of hard solid wood.

The bamboo floor is similar to hardwood in terms of performance, cost, installation and maintenance. Hardwood falls quickly and can be installed by most builders, although the installation of gluing is more difficult than nailing. The floating floor installation designed is the easiest and fastest option.

  1. Timber

If you are not sure about the installation of timber, you can contact a professional. With wooden or timber floors, your home will acquire a rustic look. It can even make an old home look new. This is a type of investment that you should think about. Increase the resale value of the house while adding more beauty. The timber floor is the traditional favourite. You can install another floor over the conventionally used elevated plywood. But, make sure that the surface under the wooden floor is above the level. There should be no moisture in the subfloors. The pros of using the timber floor in the renovation of your home:·        Sound- Proof·        Easy to clean and care·        Natural and renewable ·        If sealed properly then it would be extremely durable

  1. Parquetry

In the flooring industry, a parquetry flooring installation in Melbourne is a type of floor made of blocks of wood or strips that form a pattern. Sometimes, parquet can include inlays of other types of wood and materials.

In the Melbourne parquetry flooring, the most commonly used wood flooring material is oak. While you can find parquet of more exotic species such as mahogany, these are rare cases due to the cost involved. The installation of a parquet requires a well level underlay and the sanding involved in the process must be left in the hands of a professional.

Any kind of the flooring you can avail but choose the floor as per your need such as sometimes the timber flooring installation can be worked in some areas, so think once before you choose.

Source: Trending flooring types currently used in the renovation of the home

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