Does your headache become unbearable? Are you in search of the Best Critical Care in Ahmedabad to treat yourself? Before snatching online websites, I would like to share a few terminologies to make your treatment procedure exploration worth. Let’s start with the introduction of what is neurosurgery and who are neurologists?

What is neurosurgery?

First of all, don’t have a misconception like neurosurgeons are same as brain surgeons. Generally, neurosurgeons are experts who diagnose and treat disorders of the nervous system (the spine, brain, and spinal cord) by providing surgical and nonsurgical treatment. It is not necessary that you will require surgery if you encounter the best neurosurgeons in Ahmedabad. Mostly, the physician believes that you have a disorder which would be beneficial by diagnosing and approaching neurosurgeon. Well, coming onto the decision can be difficult for any neurosurgeons, as they have to go across various factors.

What is a neurologist?

Neurologists are doctors who will diagnose the problem, and manage the conditions that can affect the nervous system. The interesting factor is, neurosurgical conditions can impact highly on your behavior; it can change the way you move, think, and talk. A neurologist can diagnose and treat a range of conditions. First, you should consult your primary doctor and if he/she suggests you consulting neurologist then & then you should approach neurosurgeon.

Generally, in below situation, they may want you to approach neurologist…

  • If they diagnose a brain tumor
  • Constant headaches
  • Stroke
  • Brain or spinal cord infections or injury
  • Peripheral neuropathy

In which cases, should you seek for neurosurgery?

There might be different purposes that can make you seek neurosurgery. Which are they? Let’s explore!

  • To diagnose the tumor which is called biopsy
  • For putting chemotherapy drugs into the brain
  • To remove tumor parts from the body which is called craniotomy

Neurosurgery can only be performed under observation of neurosurgeons. And, the surgery isn’t always possible and can’t always come up with positive results. If your brain tumor is very much close to your body part, then surgery may become too much risky.

Is There Any Difference Between Neurologist And Neurosurgeon?

Basically, these both terminologies are same as the neurosurgeons can offer a surgical solution to all the neurologic disorders. The neurologist recognizes neurological disorders while diagnosing and then use different medical techniques for treating the situation. Both of them treat the same organs; as said above, a neurologist treats disease and conditions of the nervous system and brain. And, neurosurgeons treat neck pain, back pain, sciatica, herniated disk, stroke, brain, and spinal tumors. Mostly, neurosurgeons use non-surgical treatments before performing any surgical treatment. They can perform complex surgeries.

Over to you!

Are you satisfied with this guide held on the Best Critical Care in Ahmedabad? Let me tell you, this guide is only for reference purpose, don’t just stick to it. If you found any of the symptoms, you should approach the primary doctor, and after prescription, you should consult neurosurgeon or neurologist. Stay sharp & healthy!

Article Source: Things you should know about the best Neurosurgeons in Ahmedabad

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