As the names suggest the use of these mats is to control weed growth. No wonder it is an essential part of Landscape Supplies Melbourne, as getting control over the weed can be a tedious task. Sometimes it becomes inevitable to control the weed without using the weedicide, the chemicals that would impact the soil quality too.

You would find it listed under the Outdoor Living Supplies Melbourne if you are searching for one. The purpose of these mats is only to control weed and that is all for the benefits? Not at all, here is why one must consider getting the weed control mat to get these surprising benefits from it.

1.      Saves The Soil from Erosion

One of the major enemies of the soil is erosion, too much wind and rain can erode the upper layer of the soil. With erosion, the nutrients are also washed away, deteriorating the quality of the soil for the growth of the plant. The mat would be a save for the soil as it protects it from erosion.

2.     Retains The Moisture of The Soil for A Longer Time

During the dry season of the year, when the sun is too harsh and the water is scarce. The mat would retain the moisture for a long time by regulating the temperature of the soil through shade and reducing the evaporation rate of soil. This would be an effective way to reduce the drain over the water utility bill.

3.      Increase Nutrition Supply to The Plants

As it cuts off one of the most required sources of growth for weeds, the sunlight, no more the plants have to compete with the weed for nutrition and water. This way the plants would grow up to their full capacity with the increased nutrition. The yield would increase tremendously as a result of it.

4.     Block’s Sunlight but Not Water and Air

The mat blocks the sunlight from reaching the soil, the way they cut off the necessary energy source of the weeds. Outlets provided for the plants and shrubs would make it possible for the air and water to reach the soil effectively. This would maintain the aeration and moisture in the soil. So, the plants upon getting the sunlight, air and water would grow to their fullest.

5.      It Can Last Up to A Decade

Along with the other benefit, one of the most surprising facts about these weed control mats is their durability. They are like those one-time investments without any need for service and would benefit for a decade. So, if you have installed one recently or are planning to install one, do on worry you will need a replacement any time soon.

Many Outdoor Living Supplies Melbourne like this change the landscape drastically. If you haven’t shopped for such supplies yet. What are you waiting for? Look out for such useful landscape supplies and get such useful benefits from them. Make sure that the supplier you choose is reliable.