You have recently realised that neither your family members nor you are using the swimming pool and thus you wish to transform it into something more useful, you may take help of the Pool Demolition Adelaide process.

Removing the pool is not something which can be done just overnight. The process of swimming pool removal could be just a handful and there’re a number of things to be considered in the process of demolishing the swimming pool.

Pool Demolition

What do you want to plan for that space?

It’s very important for you to decide your future plans for that space. There are mainly 3 types of swimming pool demolition and every type serves a particular purpose.

  • Complete demolition of the swimming pool

The complete Adelaide Pool Removal includes the steel reinforcements and the concrete reinforcements. Then the hole is filled with the help of sand. This needs to be your choice in case you wish to turn the space into a garden as it offers a very good drainage and good soil for the plants too. This is also the most preferred types in case you wish to construct a structure in the space. Removing the gunite helps in the foundation of future buildings to be constructed.

  • Partial removal(the topmost layer)

In this type of removal of the pool, the tiled part of the swimming pool is eradicated and gunite gets bored with holes. The plants do not grow well here until and unless you use topsoil.

  • Partial removal of the pool(2 feet from the top)

This is considered to be the most popular one wherein 2 feet gunite as well as steel is eradicated. The holes are punched in the rest of the concrete and then filled with sand and gravel for a much better drainage. This also helps with future landscaping at the site.

  • Look for the legalities

It’s very important to verify the local codes and to secure the much needed permits for preventing any possible lawsuits. Also, you need to keep in mind that demolition of the swimming pool affects the property’s value too.

  • Drain water

Some of the places need to be de chlorinated and treated before draining the water. This is mainly to avoid any possible harm to aquatic resources.

  • Hire a contractor

There are certain things which you may do by yourself like salvaging handles, etc. but within a few limits. You also need to employ a contractor for drilling holes and hauling the rubble.

  • Disposal of debris

Included in all the local codes are the policies for disposal of demolition rubble. Many a times they aren’t allowed to get disposed of in the swimming pool so that you need to go to landfill or find a concrete recycler.

Pool Demolition in Adelaide


There are different types of Earthmoving Adelaide that you may opt for. Also there are certain things which you need to bear in mind while demolition your swimming pool. These tips will help you to conduct the process in the proper manner.

Source: How is pool demolition Adelaide Conducted?

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