Have you decided to get a pergola in your backyard? Then you must know some trending ideas of Best Decking Adelaide.
This blog is all about pergola trends and things that can enhance your existing or new pergola.

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Pergolas in Adelaide

1. Swings

This is one of the most popular ideas for pergola. Place two or more swings under your pergola and a table. This will give you a natural feel while enjoying your day on the swing.

2. Side Curtain

Want to get that beach vibe? Why not place some curtains to one or more sides of your pergola. You can use different curtain materials such as colourful, patterns, or thicker for privacy.

3. Old romance

The classic pergola having a comfortable sofa, white rafters, side lattice, and a tiny fountain near it – simply amazing! You can enjoy the warm afternoons or cold winter days under this pergola. If you are planning for a dinner date, nothing is better than this pergola. Just arrange some lights and delicious food with romantic music on the back and you are all set for your night.

4. Pod

Remember those childhood memories when you used to hide inside a box? Relive those moments with a Pod pergola. The box-like structure can fit even the smallest backyard. You can choose any location for such kind of pergola.

5. Bed Swing

Who wouldn’t want to feel cosy at their place? Get lost in your thoughts with a bed swing under your pergola. It’s perfect for both big and compact pergolas.

6. Deck

Nothing can beat the elegance of deck pergola. You can play with the idea of having a deck pergola in many ways. But the best one is to have a big deck and a pergola on one end of it. Place some chic seating, creative LED lighting, and gauzy curtains under the pergola and you are all ready to enjoy your evening.

7. Lamps

Brighten up your backyard with the lamps. You can even go for bulbs to illuminate your pergola and amuse everyone sitting inside it. If you have chosen an open pergola, place small lamps on the roof and have the positive vibes everywhere.

8. Geometric

best pergolas design idea

Go one step ahead with the geometric screens. Abundant designs are available out there to choose from. You can choose metal or wooden material for your pergola and place matching furniture under it so that everything complements each other.

So which one did you like the most? No matter which one you choose, it will look amazing for sure.

In a Nutshell

Whether you are going for a pergola for your commercial building or residential property, it will add value to it and enhance the appearance of the outdoor. To get these ideas implemented properly, you need a team of experts who will consider each factor and your pergola requirement on the top of their checklist. So why not hire a leading agency for getting the attractive Pergolas in Adelaide.

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