Choosing a bedroom colour has never been an easy task. Not when we are here to assist you with some amazing bedroom paint colours. So before you hire the best Melbourne painters, take a look at these colours:  

  1. A soft & gentle touch

Your mood plays a crucial role when choosing a bedroom colour. It’s the place where you would want to forget everything and escape into your personal space. Therefore, what do you want means a lot! Think pastel if you want a gentle oasis in your room. When you use the muted pastels to tell your colour story, it creates a serene and relaxed place. You can also think about bold purple that can be softened with pastels.

  1. What’s Best for Soft Space

Many people don’t think much when painting their small bedroom. This is wrong! Even a compact room can look beautiful with the correct paint colour. It might seem counter-intuitive putting black colour on the back of your bedroom, but it makes your room look big. It can also help you out if your room is lacking in natural light sources. But don’t drown yourself into the dark. Balance your black coloured wall with some light colours and accessories. You can consider painting the rest of the walls with light colours such as off white or grey. Use light coloured accessories such as lamps, tables, bed sheets, curtains, etc.

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  1. Energetic & Relaxing

If you want to wake-up energetic every day, green is perfect. It’s a versatile colour for any kind of bedroom and gives both energetic and content at the same time. No matter which style or type of interior you have, green is a go for all. Green not only evokes natural but earthy feel as well. You can complement your green wall with light green, blue, or white and the result will stun you. So suit your mood with energetic and relaxing green!

  1. A Little Bit

If you are struggling with the right colour for your bedroom and nothing is helping you, go white. White is overwhelmed and can match both modern and traditional building. Regardless of your furniture or interior theme, white can complete every type of room. Moreover, it’s another way to feel content with the white wall colour. You can either go with completely white or ask professional Melbourne painters to match it with a suitable colour such as pink or pistachio. If you want to go a bit bold, use popping colours such a yellow or red or maybe blue.

  1. Icy Cool

Who wouldn’t want to get lost into the calmness of blue and white? Choose any cool colour for an icy look in your bedroom. These colours are perfect when it’s hot outside or you live in a tropical location. Put a blanket on your bed and get cosy by decreasing the temperature of your AC.

So which one did you like the most? No matter which one did you choose, professional experts of Painting Melbourne will give you the best bedroom looks anyway.

So hire one now!