Almost each house has carpets as a basic necessity, since they help in making the flooring and the house warm throughout every season. That is why Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is also very important for each and every household. The rugs are even used for decorating the house as different designs and colours are wonderful to look at. The rugs are susceptible to dirt and dust.

Certain stains are extremely stubborn and thus are not easy to be removed. It may take a lot of time to remove them. Even though there’re different techniques for cleaning the carpets, cleaning agents and special detergents are needed for making the exercise of cleaning worthwhile.

In case you also have been doing the process of cleaning the carpets for stains and if you are still bothered about cleaning them again, it could be time to try the rugs cleaning experts.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Techniques of carpet cleaning

This is the technique which is used for cleaning the organic dirt and various other materials which dissolve properly in water. The techniques include spraying water with other solvents on the are stained, giving the carpets or the rugs sometime for soaking and dissolving the stains, and then vacuuming that area. This method consumes less time and stains are cleaned out effectively in less amount of time. Additionally, the time for drying the carpets are cleaned with the help of the technique is also quite minimal.

Bonnet technique

This technique of Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is used for removing the most stubborn stains on the particular parts of the carpet. It’s a dry cleaning process where the rotating brush scrubs off the stains and the dirt from particular parts of the rugs. Just a small quantity of water is employed in the procedure. It’s quite effective for thoroughly cleaning the spots on the rugs which have stubborn kind of stains. Special biodegradable agents are recommended while using the cleaning criteria.


Shampooing is another method of cleaning where the solution of shampoo is used for cleaning the rugs. Most of the rug cleaners employ 2 methods for cleaning with the shampoo. There’s wet shampoo method of cleaning where the rugs materials are soaked in the shampoo solution. Another method of shampooing is usage of aerosol foaming shampoo. With this technique, the shampoo solution is sprayed on dirty rugs after which it is allowed to properly dry. Vacuuming finishes this method of cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Steam cleaning

This is one of the most common techniques of Carpet Cleaning Adelaide which most of the people use. It includes vacuuming the rugs for removing the solid dirt particles from the rugs. Once this is done, the rug is then pressurised with hot water for removing the stains.


Employing professional Carpet Cleaners Adelaide would help you to get your rugs cleaned thoroughly. You may also choose to do it on your own with the help of different cleaning agents available in the market.

Source: Different techniques of Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

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