If you have ever looked for an efficient Best Melbourne Buyers Advocates, then you would definitely know how difficult it is to look for a good professional for the rental property. There’re a number of professionals, for bringing your property in the market.

With a number of choices available in the market, you might find it very difficult to select the one for your property. But there is absolutely no need to worry. If you ask right questions while looking for the property managers, you would get a much better idea of who would be the best person for you.

You just need to ask the below mentioned questions:

What kind of properties have they managed before?

Experience is very important in this field. It can easily separate the efficient ones from ones you need to keep away from. In this field, experience is not only about the no. of years in this field, it is about the kind of properties they have managed so far. On the basis of the types of property you have, you may either choose a person who specialises in management of properties such as yours or a person who’s got more varied experience in managing different kinds of properties.

How to screen the potential tenants?

Screening the potential tenants is a very important step for management of property. Thus, their way of working often reflects the level of services to the property. You need to ask them how they would match the tenants to the property and the process they would adopt for the same.

How do they handle the late payments by the tenants?

The longer phase involves management of tenancy itself. This question would tell you about their management style and how they would be dealing with the critical issues such as these.

How would they respond to complaints?

Just like the previous question, this query would also help you in gauging the potential of Melbourne Property Management professional. You need to keep in mind that a property management professional would play the role of a mediator between the tenant and you. Thus, it is very important that you are comfortable with the process they adopt.

How often would they inspect?

The regular inspections are quite important for the agreement of tenancy and how many times it is done in a year. This would help you in giving a peace of mind.

What is the right price for your property?

In case you have done your research well, then this question would help you in assessing the potential of the Melbourne Property Management professional and how well he knows the market. It would give you a good idea of the worth of the property in the present market. You should compare their answers with the different managers for seeing what they are offering.


Before hiring a Melbourne Property Management professional, you need to ask a few important questions with them. These will help you in ensuring that you choose the right professional.

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