With the increasing demand of the real estate properties now the need of the good quality House Inspections Craigieburn is necessary. However you may think that when buying a new property should you really require the service of the house inspectors.

In reality whether you are buying an old property or new one you must take the help of the top quality house inspectors so that you can get more benefits in the future or at the time of selling house.

But as a house inspector the professional also has to follow some rules and regulations and they also have some liabilities towards the client. Maintaining these liabilities seems very important as by this the client also can get better quality of services too.

Liabilities of the home inspectors

The work of the inspectors is very important as based on their reports only the client will decide that whether he will invest his money or not. Thus, for the quality House Inspections Craigieburn the inspectors have two kinds of liabilities.

First one is the pre-inspection and the second one is during the inspections. Thus, when an inspector follows all these responsibilities properly, then only a client can expect to get the top quality reports and results.

Pre-inspection liabilities

Here is a list of the pre-inspection liabilities that a house inspector must follow.

  • You have to duly prepare an agreement copy of the inspection and also need to share with the client so that there will be a transparency in the communication.
  • You also need to discuss and inform the client about the scope and nature of the inspection so that he can totally understand the procedure.
  • Key provisions like Limitations and non warranty has to be communicated properly.
  • Don’t forget to sign the agreement by your client. But signing of the agents must not be taken as the party in the agreement.

During the inspection

The liabilities of the inspector during the House Inspections Craigieburn the inspector also has to maintain a few responsibilities.

  • Always ask your client to attend the inspection so that he can also experience the quality and the services provided by you.
  • Also encourage your client to ask any kind of questions about the House Inspections Craigieburn.
  • In the report after the inspections state all the findings and observations properly and in simple and lucid manner so that any lame man also can understand the report easily.
  • Stating any problem orally should not be communicated as it can create problems further.
  • After finishing the report the inspector must send a copy of the report to the client and keep another one for your future use.


Responsibilities and the duties is the most important thing when accomplishing any work. The same is true in case of the House Inspections Craigieburn as well. It can create a transparent and good relation with the client. Thus understanding the liabilities of an inspector is essential and for the client also so that there will be no hassle in future from any parties.

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