Swimming Pool Heat Pumps is one of a lot of accepted accessories for befitting basin water balmy during the winter. As well accepted as a calefaction pump, an electric heat pump warms up your basin by sucking some water into a heating catch basin and again pumping the balmy water back into your pool. The connected barter of balmy and algid water keeps your basin fit for pond even during the winter.

When researching an adjustment of heating the water in your pond basin you will acquisition altered systems, all accept their advantages and disadvantages, in this commodity, we will altercate water-source calefaction pumps and air antecedent calefaction pumps. We achievement this helps you accomplish an accomplished decision.

Water-source calefaction pumps accomplish apart of air temperature

A water-source (geothermal) boiler transfers calefaction from a physique of water to your basin (learn added about water-source heaters here). Because a water-source boiler relies alone on calefaction from a water source, it operates apart of air temperature.

Water-source heaters abundantly account basin owners who reside in colder climates because they can accommodate for adequate pond even during abatement and winter months.

Solar pool heatingHeat and air-conditioned your pool, Air-source calefaction pumps can do both!

Some air-source heaters can be acclimated to both Solar Pool Heating Adelaide and air-conditioned your pond pool. These heaters are referred to as reverse-cycle calefaction pumps or chillers. As its name suggests, a reverse-cycle calefaction pump cools your pond basin by abandoning its algidity cycle. By heating your pond basin during winter months and cooling your basin during summer months, a reverse-cycle calefaction pump ensures that your pond basin maintains adequate pond temperatures year round.

Heat pumps accommodate a reliable pond basin heating option

When answering the believability of calefaction pumps to consumers, abounding calefaction pump experts actuality at use the aforementioned analogy: A heating pump is as reliable as your refrigerator or air conditioner!

If you appropriately install and advance your calefaction pump, its lifespan can beat ten years alert that of a gas heater! You should accordingly accept an able calefaction pumpable and an accountant electrician installs your heater, as they will apperceive all accordant placement, plumbing, and electrical requirements. You should as well appoint an able calefaction pump able to accomplish anniversary aliment on your unit. A lot of basin heaters are fabricated of abstracts advised to endure in the alfresco pond basin environment, but malfunctions like abnormal water breeze can acutely accident centralized components.

Solar pool heatingSave money with Planned Aliment for your basin heater

This blazon of basin heating arrangement is added reliable and able compared to added types of basin heating systems. Although electric heaters are a bit added big-ticket than the acceptable gas-powered heaters, it consumes beneath activity than the gas-powered blazon so you end up spending money on your heating bills. In the continued run, your electric basin boiler will bulk you a lot beneath than the acceptable propane gas-powered heaters. Moreover, an electric boiler does not afford carbon dioxide like the gas-powered boiler so you get to advise abate the bulk of carbon in the air.

Pool Heaters bulk beneath than $5 per day to operate

With their Coefficient of Performance barometer amid 5 and 6, calefaction pumps action actual able heating (a Coefficient of Performance is an ability appraisement that measures the arrangement of activity achievement to activity input). And due to this top Coefficient of Performance, calefaction pumps accept actual low operating costs. Specifically, calefaction pumps bulk up to six times beneath than gas heaters and electric attrition heaters per month.


Solar Pool Heating has low operating costs accomplish it an abundant abiding pond basin heating investment. It has an abundant college amount of acknowledgment than a gas boiler or an electric attrition heater. Also, if maintained properly, you can apprehend your basin boiler to endure for about 10 to 15 years after defective replacement. Propane gas-powered basin heaters on the added duke alone endure a boilerplate of 5 years.

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