Remembering the days when we need to walk an extra mile just to send our message to the recipient, even those who lived in the nearby town or city. Technology is literally conquering our hearts as now, the procedure of connecting with anyone, anywhere, and even at any time is pretty much easy. You can get connected with the person living at thousands or at more distance from your place, just with the help of an internet-connected computer and voice over IP (VoIP). Today, we are on the subject of Business IT Support Melbourne and how it takes us on a safer stage.

Before we take a deep dig into Business VoIP Melbourne services, let’s have a quick short introduction about VoIP.

VoIP is nothing but the technology that converts your voice into a digital signal and it allows you to make calls directly using a computer or a VoIP phone or even any other data-driven device like a laptop or tablet. It is simply a phone service delivered over the internet. You may even have known about it as internet telephony, broadband phone service, broadband telephony, or IP telephony.

It has become increasingly popular for businesses of every size and of every type. The reasons are, companies require to look out for cheap ways to connect without affecting productivity or efficiency.

The technology has many benefits for companies. The usage of the internet for voice calls is even more cost-effective and makes the company’s entire system easier than any other sort of equipment.

What are the Benefits of Business VoIP?

Among many benefits, we are sharing a few of them here:

♦ Low call cost

It’s been noticed that 55% of VoIP users believe the cost of the connectivity is less than they were choosing any other services to communicate with each other. Many of the business VoIP plans to charge companies a certain amount and also allow unlimited calls local as well as international.

Easy manageability

It will make the entire process a lot easier than it was before. Adding any extensions needs simple software configuration settings rather than looking out for an expert to change the entire wiring.


Employees can easily make or receive calls on the work lines even when they are not present in the office by using software that works like a telephone. Many such systems also have call routing features that will forward calls automatically to the concerned person’s cell phone.

Smart features

There are many standard features that the VoIP system comes up with. It has smart calling features that can increase a person’s productivity. Some of the common features include call records, multiple folders for voice mails, integration with PCs, and a display screen that show a name directory that will allow users to call any number directly from a web browser.

Moreover, Business Voip Melbourne also gets integrated with other software. In short, investing in business VoIP is a worthy approach you should make for your business.