You may think – why should I spend on the walkway? But let me tell you, the driveway is the first thing your guests or trespassers notice which means it requires special attention. Everyone wants to achieve a royal impression and why not? – In this age where every individual follows the trend, let’s be a trendsetter!

Leverage bluestone tiles Melbourne services to give your walkway or patio an attractive touch. Although, investing in concrete is a bit perplexing job so I share a few tactics which can surely satisfy you and help you make a right choice. So here we go!…

Don’t forget your home architecture

When you look for paving services, do not forget that your driveway is not isolated from your entire home. It is your home’s property so don’t make it totally unmatched. As a home decorator, I suggest you to use your hardscaping to highlight style statement. Which colour should be ideal?

Well well!… it depends on your house structure; if your home is western cultured then you should go for rich red or warm hues. On another hand, if your home is furnished or developed with adobe style then you should go for dusty, cool colours.

Take your home roof into consideration

You can pour an extra effort to make your home look beautiful by adding more essence to your roadway and roof. Don’t take me wrong! I don’t mean your driveway and roof should look exactly same. Those days are gone when people colour or feature everything the same. It’s a mismatch trend so a darker coloured roof can go well with warm coloured pavers for contrasting relief.

Match your roadway pavers with other hardscaping areas

If you have already worked a lot to make your home look beautiful with hardscaping then don’t forget to match it with your driveway pavers. Let me clear you with an example, if you have an outdoor patio or outdoor kitchen then without matching pavers you should choose a monotonous pattern.

Ensure that you have separated outdoor living spaces and work together to bring unity to your home’s overall landscape design is important for success.

Colour plays a significant role

Wrong colour selection can ruin your entire expenses. But don’t worry! A general rule to select a clay paver colour is a few shades lighter than your home. Selecting a lighter hue will ensure that your pavers are not competing to become the center point of your home.

Light paves colours have low absorbent qualities which makes it perfect for areas with heavy traffic as they remain cool throughout the day. Also, you can think out-of-the-box by mixing pavers to customize your home look even more.

Words from a nutshell…

If you can’t find the perfect colour match then try to choose a paver that has the similar hue. Hope, this guide will help you select the best pavers for your home extension or development. Now, do you understand why bluestone tiles Melbourne and pavers become the first choice for most of the home decorators. Keep Smiling!

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