Industrial flooring Adelaide has provided a satisfied factor for the number of the customer which carry the best quality flooring solution. We work friendly to provide our customer with excellent service and also work with perfect advice for flooring products what will suit to the lifestyle of the customer and also fit into their budget.

We come for installing area for quality flooring in schools, offices, factories, shopping centres, food production areas, sporting facilities, garages and many more areas for other types of industrial flooring that customer has the plan to move with. We work with a business which comes to us with different size through local small business to biggest business, council and flooring.

There is no job which can be said too large or too small. We know the importance of flooring to have the basement which planned for high standard with services, quality affordable products that come within the budget and timeline.

We provide flooring service:

  • Carpet flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Oak flooring
  • Timber flooring
  • Blind

Our team have good knowledge and best expertise with the use of best quality that products and latest technology for the perfect solution for industrial flooring in Adelaide. We deliver high quality of polish to concrete floors in the domestic and industrial environment where we ensure that our customer is satisfied for looks to look and feel great. We come with a low cost of range but high quality strengthens flooring.

Epoxy Floor CoatingEpoxy floor coating is a mixture of resin and hardeners that help to create a sturdy and also reliable plastic material for flooring. We come with floor solution that creates the number of layers of epoxy. They are easy to maintain, that make the attractive option for the business to stains and cracks.

Epoxy floor coating is renowned for a long time of durability and strength that is popular in the industrial environment and also handle to expose a heavy traffic.

There are many different types of epoxy flooring for the customer to choose:

  • Garage floors
  • Concrete floors
  • Patio floors
  • Internal floors
  • Warehouse Flooring
  • Workshop floor
  • Showroom floors
  • Shop floors
  • Commercial Spaces

Different types of epoxy floor coating

  • Solid epoxies
  • High solids epoxies
  • Polyamide epoxies
  • Cycloaliphatic and Novolac epoxies
  • Water-based epoxies
  • Phenalkamines
  • Polyester epoxies.

Properties of epoxy floor coating:

  • Easy to mix with water-based supplies
  • Waterproof does not swell or inflate
  • Nontoxic and non-flammable
  • Can have in different colours
  • Non-corrosive if exposed to certain chemical greases
  • Resistant to mildew and other bacterial growth.

Advantages of using epoxy floor:

  • It protects the floor from impacts and wears
  • Help to reduced friction maintenance
  • Have aesthetic and functional value
  • Improved safety and quality control


Industrial flooring Adelaide is used without double to make the property form of flooring has benefits and its downsides, it give many benefits for the cost-effective way for best look of flooring. Epoxy floor coating surface produced by multiple layers of epoxy used for depth of much to create up resins and hardeners. It is a new upcoming breath of life on outdated floors with new lookout.

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