So you have decided to go to paint the interior of your house for yourself. But, where do you start? You can try asking a question in the online domestic painting Melbourne forum, but keep in mind that there is a lot of debate.

Some say you should paint your moulding before painting the colour of your wall, while others argue that it is necessary to paint your wall first to obtain a clinical finish.

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Place you should consider to paint:

  • Ceiling
  • The walls
  • The cuts; where a wall meets the roofs, doors, windows and floor.
  • The decorations; the corner mouldings of doors, windows, ceilings etc.

Step by step process by interior painters Melbourne Company:

  1. Paint the roof first

The roof of an interior should be painted first, however, this is the area where we have the least control. The paint will almost definitely fall on the floor, and a little could even reach the walls, but that will not matter much since they will be painted later.

  1. Continue with the Corner

It is very important to choose the right brush and the right kind of paint. If you use a dark colour that is thin, use softer brushes. If the paint is thick and light, a better idea is to use a thicker and stiffer brush.

Painting the cuts will require patience and attention to detail. If you are new to this, consider using a painter’s tape. Alternatively, this video shows how you can paint the cut-outs of your roof without tape, like a professional.

  1. Paint the accessories below

Once you have finished with your roof, it is time to move on to the ornaments. This is one of the most difficult parts to do well. A great advantage of painting the moulding before the walls are that you do not have to worry about a drop or two falling on the wall. Since it is not so problematic that some paintings touch the walls, processing is much easier.

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  1. Finish the walls

Then, using a cross-hatched pattern, apply the paint to the wall. Then, paint the same portion but this time with up and down movements. In this way, there will be no gaps in the paint job.

Ultimately, you need to paint the walls around you. This step is, by far, the easiest, and many people find it as the most fun. To put the paint on the wall, you can use a brush or a spray, but the best idea is to get a roller.

Wrapping out…

In fact, there is not a “perfect sequence” that you should follow to paint the interior of your home. For that, you should check the checklist that any painters Melbourne company provide.

Keep in mind that you can always contact domestic painting company from Melbourne to get the professional job that ends in the timeframe.

Original Source: – Step By Step Process To Paint The Interior Of Your House By Interior Painters From Melbourne

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