It’s the time of year when the cold weather starts to set in, and many of us begin to think about keeping our homes warm. One popular option is a wood heater. But with so many different models on the market, it can be challenging to know which one is right for you.

Why choose a wood heater?

There are plenty of reasons to choose a wood heater for your home. Perhaps you’re looking for a more sustainable way to heat your home. Maybe you’re looking for a more affordable option than your current heating system. Or you may prefer the warm, natural glow of a wood-burning fireplace. Whatever your reasons, choosing a wood heater is a great way to improve your comfort and decrease your energy bills. When choosing a wood heater, it’s essential to consider the size of your home, the type of wood you have available and your climate.

How to choose the right size wood heater?

The size of your wood heater is essential to ensure you’re getting the most from your appliance. A too-small heater will struggle to heat your space, while a too-large heater will cycle on and off, wasting energy. To choose the right size wood heater, you need to consider the size of your home and the climate in which you live. In colder climates, you will need a larger heater to keep your home warm, while a smaller heater may be sufficient in warmer temperatures. You should also factor in the insulation of your home and the layout of the room in which the wood heater will be placed.

Wood Heater

How to choose the right type of wood heater?

It’s essential to choose the right type of wood heater for your needs. There are three main types: combustion heaters, convection heaters, and radiant heaters. Combustion heaters are the most popular type. They use logs or pellets to create heat, then circulate the room with fans. Convection heaters work by blowing air over a hot element, warming the surrounding air. This type is ideal for large spaces. Radiant heaters use infrared radiation to heat objects in the room, warming the air around them. This is the best type for smaller areas. Once you’ve chosen the right kind of wood heater, you need to decide on the size and style. Make sure to get one that fits comfortably in your space and suits your style.

How to install a wood heater?

Installing a wood heater is a big decision, but it’s not as hard as you think. Here are the basic steps: 

  1. Measure the space where you want to instal the heater and ensure it’s compliant with the unit’s specifications. 
  2. Choose the best spot for your wood heater and mark the spot on the floor. 
  3. Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs and mark their position on the floor. 4. Cut an opening in the wall big enough to fit the heater and attach it to the studs using screws or nails. 
  4. Connect the flue pipe to the top of the heater and attach it to the wall opening. 6. Connect the exhaust pipe to the outside of your home and make sure it’s adequately vented. 
  5. Fill up the wood box and enjoy cosy warmth all winter long!

How to use a wood heater?

Wood heaters are a great way to heat your home without using too much electricity. A freestanding model is perfect if you have a dedicated spot in your living room or bedroom, while a built-in model is an excellent choice if you’re renovating your home. Once you’ve chosen the suitable model, it’s time to think about how you’ll use it. Some wood heaters come with a fan that helps distribute the heat evenly throughout the room, while others are designed for zone heating.


Wood heaters provide a warm, sustainable heat perfect for those cold winter months. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also help to reduce your energy bills. By following these simple steps, you can choose the perfect wood heater for your home and enjoy a cosy winter without breaking the bank.