You may be under the impression that small homes are cramped and uncomfortable, but this is not the case. Plenty of people live in tiny houses and love them. If you’re thinking about downsizing your living situation, Small Home Builder Christchurch-wide urge you to try it out! You’ll save a ton of money on rent or mortgage payments, and there are plenty of ways to personalise your home without sacrificing space. For example, consider building a kitchen island using crates or other repurposed materials if you have a small home with a small kitchen. Or, if you have an entire room devoted to “office space,” think about if you could work more efficiently at a standing desk. The possibilities are endless!

Invest in an Addition

One of the first things to consider when building a small house is how you will add on as your needs change. This is no different than purchasing a larger home and adding on over time. The addition can be used for bedrooms, studies, extra rooms or even a kitchen.

Home Builders

Get Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can be as simple or complicated as you’d like them to be. They can be done by the homeowner or a contractor, depending on your skill level and budget. Additional details such as crown moulding, baseboards and door and window casings can be added to give the space a more finished look.

Some homeowners choose to do all of their own work, but others may prefer having professionals help complete these tasks in order to ensure that everything is completed properly and safely. If you are interested in adding finishing touches to your small home, here are some options:

  • Crown moulding – provides a decorative touch while also helping hide imperfections in ceiling joints or wall corners.
  • Baseboard – adds an element of permanence with its sturdy nature; it also helps define spaces within rooms, so they don’t feel monolithic

Personalise the Space

As a Small Home Builder Christchurch-wide, we understand that you want your new home to be completely personalised. We want you to feel at home in your new space and enjoy it for years to come. So we make sure that every detail of your new home is reflective of who you are and how you live.

The most common way to personalise a space is by using personal photos, artwork, and furniture pieces from around the house. We also offer several different flooring options so that you can choose what best fits your style or aesthetic preferences. If there’s anything else about the layout or design decisions that need tweaking, we’ll work with our designers on making changes until everything feels just right!


For your home, personalisation can be achieved in a variety of ways. From having custom furniture built to purchasing antique items for decorating purposes, Small Home Builder Christchurch wide can help with many options that will make it feel like your home and not just an empty house with walls. Interior design is all about making rooms feel like they belong to you. With some creativity and thoughtfulness, though, this shouldn’t take too long at all!