At Building Inspections Bendigo, they understand your urgency and they are the experts in locating and identifying all those defective nooks and crannies that the vendor is trying to hide so that they can sell the property quickly.

These Building Inspectors have more than 25 years in the trade and has lived in the area for an equivalent amount of time, they know the area; they also know the form of construction used in property building and therefore they know all the problems that can arise from each form of construction.

All these inspections and subsequent reports are completed and carried out to the high standards. They know that time can be of the essence to you and therefore these inspectors are available almost 24/7 and so they can carry out all their inspections at very short notice. Once completed, they will telephone you immediately with the outline results of their inspection and you will receive the fully detailed report, complete with high-density photographs, within 24 hours.

Comprehensive pre purchase inspections Bendigo

Building Inspections Bendigo is experienced at identifying any potential problems in all types of properties. Whether you’re buying a home, selling a home, or a homeowner who just wants their home assessed for any potential and costly problems, they are ready to assist you. They offer timely and reliable building inspections wide, providing you with a complete report detailing any and all defects uncovered.

Why book a pre purchase inspection?

They often encounter great looking homes which have been quickly spruced up to be ready for quick sale. These are later revealed to have serious defects, or signs of structural damage which the home buyer was completely oblivious to at the time of purchase. Pre purchase house inspections Bendigo will give you peace of mind regarding the true condition of the building structure, including all internal and external walls, and all outlying areas of your property. Know exactly what you’re buying by arranging a professional house inspection.

Interior and exterior inspection reports

These pre purchase inspections Bendigo will cover all interior and exterior areas of your home which are accessible to them at the time of inspection. This includes everything from the top of the roof to the roof cavity, the under-floor space, and even the garage. They list all damage they find in detail, from minor defects to significant structural issues.

They’ll document any major problem they find with photographs in a detailed report, which provides you with clear knowledge and understanding of the property before the sale is finalised. That’s where they come in. They offer professional pest and building inspections Bendigo to help you determine if purchasing a particular property is the right choice.


The Building Inspections Bendigo Team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable around, with a wealth of experience in the house inspections and construction industry.

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