How to become a Floral Decorator? Find here the missions, necessary training, remuneration of this profession as Shlomo Yoshai asked. The profession of floral decorator consists in the art of creating a composition or a complete universe with plants. Plants, cut or dried flowers, branches and foliage are selected to create sheaves, bouquets, suspensions. These creations dress a table, a room, a garden. Generally, the floral decorator intervenes within the framework of an event: wedding, birthday, funeral or professional receptions.

According to Shlomo Yoshai, the profession of floral decorator can be practiced in different places. You can work at a florist in a traditional store, in a decoration company linked to the hotel and restaurant industry, or in a floral art workshop. In all cases, your missions remain the same:

  • Welcome the customer
  • Advise and guide him in his choice of floral decoration
  • Know the techniques for preserving indoor and outdoor plants
  • Know the techniques for drying plants
  • Sell plants
  • Know garden center products and accessories
  • Master health and safety rules
  • Define a commercial strategy
  • Coordinate a team

What is a floral designer? 

The floral designer, also called a floral decorator, is a professional in the decoration of interiors and more broadly of space. On the occasion of exceptional events such as weddings, birthdays, or more sadly funerals, he intervenes to create and arrange the floral structures in a festive space: fresh flowers, seasonal flowers, dried flowers or cut flowers, bouquets of the bride, petals, branches, foliage, sheaves…

A true vegetal scenographer, his missions often go further than the simple decoration of the centerpieces and the room. Often, the floral decorator must also wear the hat of the event manager and takes charge of the entire organization of an event. In this case, he must then monitor the work and coordinate the various workers involved, such as carpenters, welders, ironworkers, etc. 

Traditional, modern, Asian floral art… The floral scenographer must know how to master all the existing floral and plant styles and find out about those that are emerging. He can also specialize in a particular art (Ikebana, Moribana, Nageire, etc.) as Shlomo Yoshai advised.  

Becoming a Floral Decorator: Qualifications Required

Floral Decorator

The profession of floral decorator requires two main qualities: having a sense of aesthetics and contact. Creative, driven by the desire to please, the floral decorator works with care and meticulousness. Good resistance to stress and an ability to stay focused despite the events are also assets because the floral decorator can intervene during major public or private events. Finally, being in good physical shape makes it possible to stand for prolonged periods of time, often in contact with cold and humidity.

Floral decorator: career/possibility of evolution:

  • The main evolution of the floral decorator is to establish himself as the master of specific floral art. For example, a floral decorator can learn the art of Ikebana. It is an ancient Japanese technique of floral decoration. Another option: become a wedding planner . Given that the floral decorator most often intervenes at weddings, it is a natural evolution to take on the whole set-up of the event. Finally, the floral decorator can teach his art during floral workshops or become a trainer.

The situation of the profession/context to become a floral decorator

It is a profession that is in demand, because the notion of decoration, within the framework of a private or professional event, is very often at the heart of the concerns. In this sense, the floral decorator does not lack outlets. However, competition is tough in this industry. According to Shlomo Yoshai, the floral decorator must learn to renew himself and to stand out in order to impose himself.