Steel Screw Pile is a designing strategy that has advanced over hundreds of years. For whatever length of time, that man has assembled structures he has expected to bolster them – amid beginning development or when structures later require repair or change. Present day screw piles include another adaptable and practical device to the structural designer’s toolbox.

Benefits of screw piles

The straightforward polish of this piling system implies it offers many advantages for building applications. These incorporate the accompanying –

  • Quick to introduce which results in sparing time and cash
  • No unearthing or ruin to truck away which means sparing cash, especially if there is polluted ground
  • No cement or curing time means empowers speedier dispatching of destinations
  • Small impression empowers littler bases in confined regions
  • Flexible outline casings can be intended to extension administrations permitting territory congested administrations to constructed refuting the requirement for re-directing links.
  • Sustainable arrangement is removable and re-useable.
  • Installation in low temperatures – no down time, dissimilar to concrete
  • Cost compelling arrangement in delicate ground, where customary piling is more costly and cement is actually unacceptable
  • Another awesome favourable position to steel screw pile is that they can be put at a point to give propping and strain resistance that is lined up with the drive of the pressure.
  • Screw-Piles are manufactured in areas giving a secluded kind of development. This implies it is anything but difficult to broaden or lessen the length of an establishment as expected to suit the site conditions and the plan necessities.
  • The steel Screw piles are generally introduced utilising ordinary development hardware, for example, a track excavator or a smaller than expected excavator furnished with a properly measured low-speed high torque pressure driven engine.

Where screw piles are utilised?

Ordinary uses incorporate supporting structures, bolster for street and trackside gantries, slant adjustment, and mounting broadcast communications towers. In a considerable lot of these parts, the screw piles specific reasonableness for applications with a high toppling minute is priceless.

Many companies have been in steel works for many year years and they are the pioneers in the plan, produce and an establishment of screw piles and steel grillage establishments. They likewise represent considerable authority in driven heaps and smaller than expected piling. They have many honours and declarations to demonstrate their devotion and involvement in the business.

How they Work?

The piles are made of round empty steel areas with at least one helices appended to them. These are then cut into the dirt after a steady pitch, rather than foreshadowing through it. The helical flights and shafts are particularly intended to suit the ground conditions.


Once the steel screw pile has achieved the objective profundity it remains for all time set up and is normally loaded with cement. The jutting strengthening gives the association with the building structure above, and can now and again increment the limit of the pile.

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