Mostly the floors designed with the real wood with some process such as timber floor installation and engineered floor installation Melbourne, it is more stable than solid wood floors. This is because it is made with a laminated construction have the several layers glued together under pressure and heat to form rigid and light boards and tiles. The laminated construction resists shrinkage and expansion that is caused by changes in temperature and humidity.

Why people preferred engineered flooring?

The best vision could conclude that this rich extension is formed by solid strips of timber. Underneath are thinner layers of wood, all glued together to make a plywood sandwich called an engineered floor.

There are always so many options to create a hardwood appearance in your home, it is difficult to choose among all the available options. From tiles to laminate and bamboo and in hardwood flooring continue to grow. While the differences between these and engineered hardwood are obvious, the difference between solid wood and hardwood is not so clear.

Timber Floor Installation

Benefits to get the engineered floor installation Melbourne service

  • It is made with layers

The appearance of the engineered hardwood designed is identical to solid wood after installation, actually seen on the surface of this floor is only the top layer. The engineered hardwood boards designed are made with a stack of wood veneers that stick together to resemble a solid wood board.

The wood grain in each layer of sheet runs perpendicular to the adjacent ones to obtain the maximum resistance. The more layers you can see on each floorboard, the higher the quality and durability.

  • Lots of patterns and textures to choose

Just like solid engineered hardwood, the layer or the visible hardwood layer designed offer unlimited options when choosing a stain, a type of wood or a wood finish.

  • Click on joints make an easy installation

It is often designed with joints that come together and put in place easily. This feature of the boards allows a much quicker and easier installation by your flooring professional!

  • Cost higher than solid wood floors

The prices of engineered hardwood designed are around 20% more than solid wood for a good quality floor. Although this is true, the benefits of engineered hardwood can outweigh the higher cost.

  • More durable than solid wood

The engineered floor installation Melbourne service provide the floor that is more durable, although it depends on the kind of wood from which your hardwood floor is made. The upper layers of polyurethane combined with the layered structure make the hardwood designed to be more resistant to moisture than solid wood.


The typical engineered floor installation in Melbourne has an inner core of the high-density and durability with the hardwood bottom layer, that can be treated to resist moisture. The top layer of the engineered or timber floor installation can be sanded and refinished once or multiple times.

Source: All about you should know for the engineered floor installation

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