As extension of the house, Pergolas Adelaide can offer an attractive outdoor space where you may enjoy the weather. Whether you just want to hang out, play or entertain yourself with your pets or kids, a well-designed deck could become the favourite part of your house.

Understanding the significance of decking designing and planning consideration would help the deck in becoming successful.

Pergolas Adelaide

Below are certain considerations of having the pergola which is right for you

1. Location of the deck – One main characteristic of good decking design is the location of the deck. It is important to keep in mind the location of the deck. Make sure that it merges with the environment of the backyard without becoming highly visible and obtrusive. In case you are fortunate enough and have a wonderful view, the Pergolas Adelaide may be located close to a beautiful tree. You might want your pergola to be located in some shady area or where the sun’s exposure is maximum. Whether the privacy from neighbours is a problem. Are you close to some busy street? If yes and if the space you have is limited, you may consider using walls, shrubbery or fences for solving the issue.

2. Connection of the deck with the rest of the house – In case you are planning to place your deck close to your living room, it might become a little problematic as the foot traffic would soil your rugs and also disrupt people talking or watching television. Placing the pergola close to your kitchen would make it easy to get food and dishes from the kitchen while your guests may be seated outside. You may use a sliding glass door for making outdoor space look more inviting.

3. Destination of the deck – The deck does not have to be necessarily connected with the house. It could be placed for going all by itself. In case your backyard extends to the woods, locating the pergola close to the beautiful trees makes a lot of sense. In case your property is located in front of some lake or a pond, then you will have to be careful.

4. Use of deck – In case your property is not too big and if you aren’t planning to entertain any large groups, then you might need huge decks. The deck should be able to maintain reasonable scales between the house and the property, size of the family and size of the deck. You shouldn’t have small property and large deck. The elements need to be very proportional.

Decking Adelaide

When chosen correctly Decking Adelaide would offer you hours of fun and enjoyment to you and your family members and would enhance the value of your house.


Decking Adelaide helps in improving the value of the house. It adds to the value of the house and serves a number of purposes for the homeowners. It serves the purpose of entertaining the guests and various other purposes.

Source: Uses of Decking Adelaide

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