For expert housing inspections, you can trust Building Inspections Craigieburn. These building inspectors know exactly what to look for when it comes to homes and buildings. They will go through your property top to bottom with a fine tooth comb, to ensure that you are fully aware of any potential issues that might have an effect on your property. Completely independent, they have no relationship with either builders or vendors, so you can be assured that these inspections protect only your interests and no one else’s.

They understand the importance and urgency that comes with locating and identifying faults within a property. This is why all their inspections and subsequent reports are completed within 24 hours. They have the ability to carry out inspections at very short notice. They will telephone you immediately with the outline of their inspection, before providing a full detailed report complete with colour photographs.

Services at Building Inspections Craigieburn

Pre Purchase Building:

Be aware of what you are buying before you hand over your money.

Building and Pest:

Protect your home and save time with a combined inspection.

Pre Auction Inspections:

Have complete peace of mind before you go in to bid.

Special Purpose Business Inspections

If you have a specific problem or defect, they can look into it for you.

Pre Sales Vendor Building Reports

Don’t trust the word of someone who may not have your best interests in mind.

Know before you buy

Anyone listing their home or property for sale will go to great lengths to present it in the best possible light. But before you hand over your money and purchase a new property, it is essential to be aware of its true condition. Leaks, rust, draining issues and rotting beams are common problems with older homes that pre purchase inspections. However, not all new homes are in perfect condition either. The primary job here is to ensure you are fully aware of any issues that could affect the final purchase price you pay.

Uncover pests with house inspections Craigieburn

The team performs experienced timber tapping, as well as visually inspects all the areas in your home that are vulnerable to pests, including underneath the home, in the roof and behind the plaster. It includes searching for any conditions within your home or building that may lead to future infestation.

The pre purchase inspections Craigieburn experts

These inspectors have extensive industry experience in house inspections, bringing a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of building construction. We’re also fully insured, providing you with peace of mind. So why not let us take the worry out of your financial investment with a comprehensive building condition report.


So finding a qualified, experienced and fully insured building inspector is vital. Building Inspections Craigieburn has established a reputation as one of the most thorough and comprehensive inspection available, using the latest inspection software and equipment.

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