If you are a permanent resident of Australia then you must know about the popularity of Merbau hardwood. For many decades, it has been used for controlling insect infestation and decay resistance. Are you thinking about leveraging Merbau decking suppliers Melbourne services for the home?

That’s a good choice but before you move further, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of Merbau decking that every homeowner should focus on. So, shall we start now?

Advantages and disadvantages: Merbau Decking

The material of Merbau decking is warm and versatile. Whether you can take it for the yard or in the house, the material can simply add a welcoming feeling for the house. When you Google about the decking material, you may end up with a list of choices that can simply make you overwhelm about picking the right one. But, what makes Merbau different from other decking materials? You might have this question in your mind.

Actually, Merbau is not only a premium quality hardwood but, it is perfect to work with. The cuts of it can make a beautiful impact and remain the center of attraction with the time. You should start making a decision about buying Merbau decking can be a beneficial one. Below are a few facts you need to include about Merbau decking.

The material is an imported timber

Once it starts Merbau is not a local species. This will be found across Southeast Asia. The technical name of this is, Intsia Bijuga which grows across the Pacific Rim region naturally. It will be found nearby Pacific Islands, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The durability is impeccable

This one is categorized as hardwood and it is one of the sturdiest timber species that are available. The material is durable in order to manufacture and harvest the special machinery that is necessary.

You’ll have naturally built-in durability

There are many of the timber material that can be treated after the harvesting. The strength in the nature of Merbau comes from the amount of natural oil it contains inside the wood. These oils usually offer protection against forces and it can prevent the timber from cracks and shrink.

Outstanding work-ability

Many of the times when you think about the hardwood, you need to imagine timber that can be difficult to work with and it will become challenging too. One of the best things about Merbau is, it becomes easy to turn and bend it. This can be one of the most important hardwood species. This can’t only provide strength and flexibility but, it can also be known for good workability.

It is bush fire-resistant

The material of Merbau can be seven timbers that have already been approved for Australia that are known for the bushfire. It is simply a timber that doesn’t catch fire and unlike many others that are flammable.   

Advantages of Merbau decking include,

  • It is bushfire resistant
  • The look and appeal it gives
  • You will have a complete suitability
  • Outstanding work-ability

Bottom line:

What are you thinking? Are you going to end up with the right & quality-rich Merbau decking Melbourne? Don’t forget to share your experience with us. Stay in style & renovate the home smartly!