Bull nose roofing is considered to be a traditional design of Verandahs Adelaide. It finishes the home beautifully and also adds a lot of aesthetic value to the house. The bull nose roofing is used widely in the regional areas and it is found in a lot of terrace houses and it’s still extensively seen across the inner suburbs.

Bull nose Verandahs Adelaide are directly joined to exterior of the house and usually run along length of the property. They may be constructed when the house is constructed or added later. The width of the Verandahs is restricted by room which you have and may be made 5 and half metres.

Traditional cover for bull nose Verandahs is curved iron and may come in different colours for suiting the features of the house. A colour bond Verandahs roofing may freshen up the older properties offering them new lease for a lower investment.

The Verandahs Adelaidehas wonderful cooling properties. In the past, in place of air conditioners, the houses used to be built with Verandahs for keeping out the heat. Even putting a balcony on a side of the house would have an immediate benefit to interior temperatures of the room behind it. It would help you in saving a lot of money on air conditioning cost. With the prices of electricity set to increase, the balcony has proved to be a sustainable option.

4 Tips to choose bullnose Verandahs

  • You need to ensure that you have sufficient height for the bull nose Verandahs- minimum height, at house on an average is 2700mm for the bull nose roofing or approximately 2400mm for half bull nose roofing. The factors like width of Verandahs, and deck materials would impact on the needed height. It is recommended that you take suggestions for your circumstances.
  • Use recommendations- you should make sure that you employ only the recommended spacing for bull nose rafters, since they help the curve iron. No support for iron may result in sagging roofing.
  • Do it yourself Verandahs kit or get it constructed by someone- some of the manufacturers may offer you with complete kit, offering you with each and everything you need for constructing it. It may help you in keeping the cost down in case you are good with your hammer.
  • Finish the Verandahs off with some decorative timber component- nothing finishes the balcony off such as decorative timber bracket at corners of the posts. Similarly, installing the frieze or even balustrading, in case the Verandahs deck is raised, would help in completing the whole look of Adelaide Verandahs along with keeping the kids safe from drop.

These are certain important things which you need to consider while getting bull nose Adelaide Verandahs built.

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