Are you planning to renovate your home or workplace? So, have you completed your researches? – Many of us fail in spending time on researches. When renovating or building your home you will eventually come to that turning point in the designing stage when you have to select your flooring and engineered timber flooring Melbourne services carefully. Interior designers and decorators have already researched on which material to choose and where to install.

So no need to baffle by the diverse possibilities available in the market just considers few guidelines and you can smoothen your Timber floor restoration Melbourne process like a ninja. It’ll take your few minutes to read this guide and saturate yourself as well as your friend or colleague to make a right decision. It is better to spend now-time than lifetime disappointment – go for it!

  • All timber flooring is not the same

When planning to buy a timber floor, you really need to look at the full package of perks that each brand offers you to figure out the best among them. Many of you may assume that flooring timbers are the same, it is just wood but it is not that casual thing to be ignored. It is time-taking & a bit perplexing to select timber flooring among a plethora of choices with colour, wood, and price. Although, timber flooring is an investment for your home and you can also expect reliability to timber flooring services.

  • What warranties are they offered?

Most of the people believe in the warranty provided by such companies but some warranties come with exclusions that eventually void the warranty should any problem occur. The client should always get a copy of the terms and conditions and be aware of the product warranties that include confusing terms. However, some warranties are meaningless and very strict to be obeyed.

Engineered Timber Flooring Melbourne

  • The product from a reputable firm

At this stage, the customer should ask as many questions as they can. These questions include asking about current testimonials, ask for their recent project and ensure whether the firm has won any awards before or not. However, choosing a company having many years of experience reflect their reliability and brand strategy.

  • Is the surface scratch resistant or not?

To find out the number of coats and the coat quality is also an important factor to be considered. You should go for highly scratch resistant coatings. The resistance of a coating is often a good sign of how wear resistant the factory finish will be on your home floor.

  • Know how a rug will affect your timber floor

It is important to remember that timber flooring may change colour from UV light exposure. That is why when you use rugs and carpet mats to decorate your home, the flooring underneath the rug is not exposed to the same UV lights as the rest of the room. This can lead to colour variations in your flooring over the time.


Before going through timber flooring, you should know nature of timber. As timber is not water resistant and it will expand when wet and contract when it dries out. With a little research, you can leverage engineered timber flooring Melbourne services and also Timber floor restoration Melbourne services. Keep pampering your home!

Source: Home Décor Guide on How to Choose the Right Timber Floor

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