Screw Pile Installation is being done for a very long time now. Since humans started building structures, he has been using them for support. It is required during the initial stages of construction, and also when later on the structure requires improvement or repairs. The modern day tools add versatile as well as cost efficient tool to the tool kit of the engineers.

Understanding screw piles

The screw piles which are also called helical steel piles are said to be the latest development of the technology pioneered by the Irish engineer Sr. Alexander Mitchell to be used in the lighthouses.

The latest versions of the engineer’s idea consist of the strong but light galvanised steel shafts. On this the low pitch steel plates are welded so that the resultant device looks same like the classic screw of Archimedes.

On site, the piles can be screwed easily in the ground with the help of simple hand held or machine mounted drilling tools and equipment. The Screw Pile Installation technology has helped the engineers by giving them an easily portable and a compact technology for the sites which have different constructions going on like limited access to the site, tight deadlines of projects, environmental disruptions etc. which need to be kept low.

Benefits of screw piles

The elegance of this technique signifies that it provides a number of benefits for the applications of engineering. These benefits include:

Easy and quick to install

Helps in saving time as well as money

Absolutely no excavations or spoiling of the cart which helps in saving money specifically if the ground is contaminated

No curing time or concrete which helps speedy commissioning of the sites

Smaller footprints which enables small bases in the restricted areas

Flexible designs- the frames may be designed for bridging the services letting the area- congested services to be built negating any need for rerouting of the cables

Sustainable solutions are reusable as well as removable

Installation in the low temperature areas- so absolutely no down time unlike the concrete

Cost efficient solutions in soft ground where the traditional piling is very expensive and on the other hand, concrete is unsuitable technically

Where these screw piles are employed

The typical uses of these screw piles include the underpinning buildings, assistance for roads and the trackside gantries, mounting telecommunication tower and slop stabilisation. In most of these roles, the suitability of the screw pile for applications with high over0turning moment is worthy.

Uses for consumers

The consumers are very well advised however to consult a knowledgeable supplier or they can also research best types of screws to be used with specific applications. This will help them in avoiding the risks related to uses of screws, posts or piles which are insufficient for the job. A lot of do it on your own decks are also supported in larger measures. So these are some important things About Screw Pile Installation.


Screw Pile Installation is a step ahead of post and pad support. It offers the benefit over pads of evenly distributing weight into soil below decks and offering underpinning which would not shift with the varying soil-moisture content and the heavy traffic on the deck.

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