There are a variety of techniques to keep your home warm during severe winters and any season. You may use conventional electric heaters, but if this is your only source of heat, your power bill might quickly increase. Then there are the oil-based or gas heaters, which can be fairly costly as well as dangerous if your oil or propane ignites. The usage of Wood Heaters Melbourne is one of the safer and more enjoyable ways to heat your home. There is one that will suit you well, no matter how tiny or huge your home is, continue reading the blog till the end to pick the right wood heater for the home within the budget!

  • A radiant or convection

Radiant heater is a housing heater in which the heat generated by the combustion chamber heats objects, furniture, and air in the room. Radiant heaters are ideal for homes with high ceilings or high ceilings. The Convection heater has an external housing that is used to reduce the distance to the flammable surfaces on the sides and back and create a convection chamber for the fan air to flow through the room as warm air and back into the room.

  • Built-in or self-supporting

Built-in radiator is designed to be built into an existing brick fireplace, while the self-supporting model is available with either legs or pedestals.

  • Heating Requirements

Before deciding on wood heating, it is important to determine the area of the house to be heated. Reputed companies can assist customers through dealers in deciding the size of the room to heat. Depending on your needs, you can choose wood or gas heating with the right heating output.

  • Insulation

The performance of the heater depends on how well the house is insulated. For example, a well-insulated house stores the heat generated by the device, effectively maximizing its efficiency and reducing operating costs. However, poorly insulated homes lose heat from walls, ceilings and windows.

  • Ceiling height

Ceiling height is one of the most important factors when choosing a heater. Convection or radiant heaters are recommended for homes with a standard ceiling height of 2.4 meters, while radiant heaters with ceiling fans are best suited for ceilings above 2.4 meters. Radiant heating heats objects in the room, and convection equipment heats air.

  • Distance to combustibles

Convection heaters are recommended for homes where installation may be restricted. The convection unit is designed with an external convection chamber that reduces heat dissipation from the sides and back of the unit, which reduces the required clearance accordingly and allows the heater to be mounted closer to combustibles. Make sure the wood heater is installed at the safer distance to prevent future accidents.

  • Fan Option

Fans help bring lower levels of cold air back into the room as warm air by forcing it through the convection chamber. The pedestal convection heater has a twin-pipe three-stage fan, and the leg heater model has a single-pipe three-stage fan mounted underneath the rear heat shield. If you are installing a Wood Heaters Adelaide in a room with a higher ceiling, don’t forget to consider a ceiling fan to circulate warm air evenly around the room.