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Significance Of Bamboo Flooring Melbourne

bamboo flooring Melbourne

There is absolutely no denying the fact that the durability and beauty of the traditional floor is unique, especially the once which have a nice grain stain and pattern in warm shades. However, with a rising interest in the conversation as well as concern of the environment, a lot of people are now looking for alternates to hardwood floor like Bamboo Flooring Melbourne for their house.

There are a number of natural as well as manmade materials of flooring which are available but none of these are as unique as that of bamboo.

Bamboo is the perfect material for making into eco-friendly floor option. It grows very quickly, its stable and sturdy, it’s beautiful and is also quite cost efficient.

Bamboo frame made of stems on wood background.

Bamboo frame made of stems on wood background.

Most popular Bamboo Flooring Melbourne is made of bamboo which is grass basically. Bamboo is known to be a renewable source as it’s a fast growing grass which may be harvested more and more. Bamboo is a fast growing plant on the planet. Some of the species of this grass may also grow three feet in one single day.

Due to its rapid growth, this grass may be harvested every three to five years in contrast to the oak trees that may take up to 10-20 years easily to grow to their full size. Good quality Bamboo Flooring Melbourne is generally made of bamboo which is harvested in the 7th year.

Durability of bamboo flooring as compared to hardwood floor

While bamboo isn’t a wood, Bamboo Flooring Melbourne is comparable to the hard wood floors in terms of durability as well as sturdiness. It’s as hard as maple and oak and much tougher than a lot of traditional hard wood floor materials used in average homes. However, you need to keep in mind that durability of the traditional Bamboo Flooring Melbourne depends mainly on species of the bamboo floor, age of the tree once it’s harvested and process which is used for making the floor.

Bamboo maybe stained as well as finished like the regular hardwood and therefore, it comes in different grains and colours like the hard wood floor. Some of the people appreciate much more subtle grains pattern of the grass in comparison to more pronounced ring such as the pattern of hardwood.

Another benefit of this type of flooring is the cost of this type of floor. There used to be a time when floor made with bamboo used to be very difficult to be seen and even expensive. However, owing to the growing popularity and an increased production, the price of bamboo floor may come down.

bamboo flooringInstalling Bamboo Flooring Melbourne is very easy. These type of floors may be installed with the help of the general hard wood flooring installation techniques that include free floating surface where planks are just glued together for forming single piece and freely float over sub floor, gluing straight the new surface to the existing surface and basic nailing technique of ailing every plank to sub floor.


In case you are looking for an exclusive and beautiful Bamboo Flooring Melbourne option which would offer you years of warmth and character to your property, you can never go wrong with the installation of good quality bamboo surface.


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