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How To Leverage the Best timber floor installation?

Timber Floor Installation

Do you know your home beauty depends on the floor? House look totally unfashioned when you’ve installed improper flooring or it doesn’t match with your wall or furniture. Flooring is not only important for styling house, but a good floor can also keep you away from diseases and offers you a packet of good health. If I turn my gear to trends, there are a couple of trends, timber floor installation and tile floor installation. And, this makes the selection and installation process tough for you.

You have to choose floors according to your lifestyle as many homeowners choose hard floors if they have messy and busy household activities. Others love cool, yet smooth floorings not only for bathrooms but also for their casual areas. Also, they are long lasting and can be easily maintained. If anyone asks me about choosing one, I will always suggest timber floor installation Melbourne instead of anything else. Although, it depends on your need, lifestyle, budget, and many other factors like room traffic. Still, I have elaborated in deep, why should you choose engineered timber flooring Melbourne? Let’s start!

Timber Floor Installation

  • Timber Flooring

Timber flooring comes in a wide range of varieties which differ from looks and styles. You can have two options, either go for structural solid plank floorboards or can go for floating floors that can be overlaid on existing one. Although, timber flooring is very comfortable, durable, and low-allergenic to care for it. Still, you need to buff and re-coat high traffic areas for every three to four years for not just keeping it look good but also can maintain its moisture to prevent warping and other issues.

Yet, the drawback is that if you get a very deep scratch then, in that case, you will need to sand back and re-coat the area which can be more expensive. Although, well-sealed timber can be far away from stains, chemicals, and spills if it left unsealed then it can dent and scratch easily.

  • Structural timber floors

These categories are the traditional type of timber boards laid on bearers. And it cannot be installed at your own as it is not a DIY job to do. Thus, structural floors must be installed by professionals but keep in mind, it takes more time than average. Also, timber boards need time to acclimatise with the environment so you have to leave them for two to three weeks for settling them in the environment.

  • How much it cost?

We know very well that cost varies from company to company and region to region. If you go for the firm that demand relatively high price range than other companies then you should ask them about quality services and also you can tell them to sign an agreement to complete the job with satisfaction.

Final thoughts

For more information about timber floor installation and whether timber floor installation Melbourne services suit your home style or not, you have to consult famous interior designer who can guide you throughout the process and suggest for choosing floors. Smart!

Source: Can timber floor installation be The Best for Your Home?


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